At Remember Rubén, we are all aware of the devastating effects of miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death and we are truly sorry for your loss. We understand that peoples needs are all different during the grieving process and no one grieves in the same way, so we have a variety of ways to offer you support.

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Remembrance boxes:

We offer a variety of remembrance boxes for differ stages of pregnancy and infant loss. Our remembrance boxes give bereaved families an important opportunity to spend time bonding with their baby and creating memories that they can cherish forever.

Support Buddy:

We have an amazing group of support buddies on hand to offer advice and support to newly bereaved families. In the days, weeks and months following baby loss, it is easy for families to feel isolated and alone so our support buddies are here to offer support or simply a listening ear. Find out more about becoming a support buddy here.

Useful Organisations:

At the heart of all we do is to make sure that each bereaved family has the correct support they need whether that is something we offer or from someone else. For a parind out more information on useful organisations here.