Our annual #babylossmatters campaign focuses on fundraising in order to raise money to donate cuddle cots to hospitals across the UK

what is #babylossmatters?

Every July, we celebrate our #babylossmatters awareness month, where we host a variety of fundraisers and awareness days. The aim of the campaign is to raise as much funds as possible to buy and donate cuddle cots to hospitals across the UK. Cuddle cots are vital in allowing families to spend time with their babies in the days and weeks following their loss – even allowing families to take their babies home.

What are cuddle cots?

Cuddle cots, also known as cold cots are vitally important pieces of equipment that allows bereaved families to spend time with their baby after their death by keeping the babies body cool. The ability to spend time with your baby after loss can be vital in the grieving process, allowing you form an important, initial and everlasting bond with your baby. Costing over £1300, we decided to dedicate all donations raised through #babylossmatters to the purchasing and donating of cuddle cots to allow this important process. For more in depth information about cuddle cots and their functions, click here.

How can I get involved?


Fundraise: Take a look at creative ways you can help raise money. (link to fundraising page)

share: share our campaign with your friends, family, colleagues and local community through your social media

volunteer: help out at one of our many events that take place throughout July